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Bingo is one of the most popular games. It originates in Italy of the sixteenth century as a lottery 'Lo Giocoso del Lotto' but it took two centuries for this type of lottery appear in other European countries such as France and Germany .In the 1920s, the game is popular in the United States where he was slightly redesigned and renamed 'Beano' in reference to the beans (bean) used to mark cards. The word 'Bingo' was subsequently impose. Les social virtues of bingo and simplicity largely expanding bingo across the centuries and continents.

Bingo Rules Each player receives a card with numbers, all different. Numbered balls are drawn from an urn and the numbers are set to loud. Players mark off numbers on their cards if present .Moresque line or a whole carton appears completely checked, the player wins a lot after announcing his victory by shouting "Bingo!"

If two players fulfill their online or their badges at the same time, the winner is the one who first shouted "Bingo!" variants of Bingo 75 Ball Bingo: cards have a grid of 25 squares numbered: 5 by 5 numbers balls and numbers inscribed on the cartons are included between 1 and 75. Bingo 90 Ball: The game board is made ??up of 3 rows and 9 columns (1 per dozen). 5 boxes are numbered by line. Winning combinations are 1 full line, 2 complete lines carton full.

In recent years online has been booming especially in countries Anglophones. La ease of use and the ability to play for fun without d bet real money to become familiar with the game software explains this craze. Bingo lovers on the internet appreciate being able to play at any hour without moving .The social dimension also exists in online bingo, since it is possible between players through chat. In some online bingo software draws random numbers that are displayed on a table. These numbers can be automatically ticked on the railings of online player .

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