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When you play at an online casino, you join a community. We are very committed to the view of the community because it allows us to evolve as in our articles in our content, in the direction to be taken by our editorial. And today, it is a particular game we'll talk because we have heard too many table players said that the online casino lacks life. It is true that before, it could be critical in order,

It an attractive super game. It is true that the way Live Dealer, keep the English expression, is really very attractive and allows players who had lost interest in the online casino or who failed to appreciate the true value, come back and change your mind completely. The Live Dealer fashion is having a real dealer who handles your card table, which will place your bets, who will make the payment, that will just lead the table for the game to be more "alive", and for the delight of all, especially the players who said they never end up impressions of a real casino. There, it is really stunning, it's as if you were sitting next to the dealer in a casino. Today, most new casinos offer this option and slightly older casinos modernize because they understood that it was like that the players come to play at home.

For you to understand how the live Dealer works, here is a short and effective explanation: in fact, for you, it does not change, you have to connect to the Internet from your computer. By cons, for the casino, everything is different. Indeed, you will initially have a dealer who will be physically present in a special room where there are tables. A video equipment will be trained on the dealer that his image is broadcast live on your monitor.

It will also have a screen that can view the orders you go, that's how he knows what to do on the table, for example, put 10 € on the number 21 at roulette. This is an important investment for online casinos but that is very interesting and that is perfectly welcomed by the gaming community.

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