Card Counting - Blackjack Aces And Fives Count

Blackjack is the most widely played online casino game and like other games blackjack is also luck based game that the players can play in order to gain more money. There are several card counting systems that are used in the game of blackjack and aces and five counting system is the one that is used most often. Here in this article we are going to explain this card counting system and also tell you  why is aces and fives  card counting system works the best.

The players need to understand that they have an advantage in the game because the deck that they deal with has memory which means that the odds change with every card added or subtracted from the deck and this phenomenon is very unique to the game of online blackjack. There are certain cards that improve the house edge and others improve the players’ edge. According to the mathematical calculations, the biggest difference in the game of blackjack is produced by two cards and these are aces and fives. The players would definitely want a high percentage of aces in the deck. More the low cards will definitely make the players bust the game.

Other mathematical calculations suggest that every 5 adds 0.67 % to the house edge and every ace in the deck subtracts 0.59 % to the house edge. So when you use aces and five card counting system, you simply start with 0 and add +1 to your count whenever a five is dealt and you can subtract -1 when an ace is dealt. Hence, according to this card counting system if your final count comes out to be positive then you must be sure that you have an advantage and in such a scenario you must increase your bet. for example, if you are card count is higher than + 2 then you can double your bet than the previous bet or  you can simply go to the maximum bet  that you have decided to place. In case your count is lower than + 1 then you can bet the minimum. This is the basis of aces and fives card counting system.

There are, however, other variations of this system but the one that we have just described is the easiest way to learn. With practice, you can easily calculate the bets in your head while playing the game. We suggest that if you want to attempt aces and fives card counting system in the online blackjack game then you must start off with casino tutorials where you can play the games for free.

Blackjack card counting is quite a phenomenon that the players might take a while to learn. Blackjack card counting is shrouded in several myths and the players must be aware of that. It requires immense effort and ability and any laidback blackjack player who hasn't tried card counting in live casino may never be able to gauge the effort that it requires for card counting in the online casino. In this article you can read about several blackjack card counting parameters.

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